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Pre-Election Survey Report

2 Jul 2024

As the election approaches, understanding its potential impact on the M&A market becomes increasingly important. To provide valuable insights into market sentiment and future trends, we conducted a Pre-Election Survey with leading advisers.

Today, we are pleased to share the report findings with you, which covers several critical areas based on respondents’ perspectives:

  • Discover how the current lack of M&A activity is influencing lenders’ credit appetites and their pricing strategies.
  • Understand which key factors respondents believe need to change for M&A activity to increase.
  • Gain insights into what survey participants think will be the primary drivers of M&A activity.
  • Learn about respondents’ expectations regarding the impact of the upcoming election on the UK M&A market over the next 12 months.
  • Explore how leading advisers anticipate both UK and overseas elections to influence cross-border M&A activity.
  • Get a sense of how respondents view the UK’s economic prospects in the year ahead.

We hope you find the survey findings insightful.