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BZ Mid-Market M&A Advisory Survey Report 2022

17 Aug 2022

With the backdrop of a perfect storm of macroeconomic factors, ranging from mounting inflationary pressures and energy market volatility to supply-chain disruption, the Mid-Market M&A sector is facing relentless challenges and change as well as encountering new opportunities.

It has therefore never been more essential to gain a deeper understanding of the attitudes and perceptions of active and influential leaders in this vital segment concerning current market dynamics and future trends. We would like to thank all of the respondents who contributed their valuable time and expertise to this important study.

Download your priority copy of the Mid-Market M&A Advisory Survey Report 2022 now to discover:

  • Key insights into M&A market dynamics, trends and activity levels
  • Perceptions on the impact on valuation multiples
  • Expectations of lenders’ credit appetites for the remainder of 2022
  • The growing role of AMA as the year unfolds
  • And much more