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BZ Industry Focus Paper - Wholesale & Retail 2021

8 Jun 2021

Welcome to the latest in our series of BREAL Zeta Industry Focus Papers, providing expert panel insights on the Wholesale and Retail sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves throughout the retail industry, forcing the closure of physical stores, dislocating supply chains and transforming operating models. With near-term liquidity a critical concern, Government aid has provided swift and significant support but the financial repercussions of the crisis on the retail market will be felt for years to come.

That’s why BREAL Zeta has invited a panel of leading senior advisers to discuss the post-COVID environment facing businesses that hold large inventory levels, in particular the Wholesale and Retail sectors.

Download the Industry Focus Paper, ‘TAKING STOCK’ for the latest perspectives on Wholesale & Retail – from Industry to Inventory. The full paper covers key issues such as:

  • The dramatic shift towards online retail
  • Strategic options for businesses with substantial inventory holdings
  • The impact of the pandemic on supply chains
  • Key insights into the role of brands as an asset class
  • The reintroduction of Crown Preference
  • Fresh perspectives on funding dynamics and trends
  • Case notes on the financing of the UK’s largest multi-channel distributor of business supplies and services

Download now