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BZ Industry Focus Paper - Driving Certainty In Uncertain Times 2023

9 Aug 2023

Welcome to the fourth in our series of BZ Industry Focus Papers, 'Driving Certainty In Uncertain Times', which features perspectives from our team on ABL in the current macroeconomic climate.

The current macroeconomic environment has thrust the nation into a period of economic uncertainty.  As a result, traditional lenders are becoming increasingly selective in terms of deploying capital, leading businesses to explore balance sheet-led funding options to unlock value. This paper will explore the advantages of ABL within economic uncertainty. 

Download the Industry Focus Paper below - 'DRIVING CERTAINTY IN UNCERTAIN TIMES' for the latest thought piece on todays climate.



The full paper covers topics such as:

  • The ABL advantage in economic uncertainty
  • The ascendance of ABL in the 2008 financial crisis and its impact on todays environment
  • The creativity of ABL solutions
  • How BZ is able to offer certainty in the current environment