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The Art of the Corporate Carve-Out

19 Dec 2023

Welcome to the first of BZ's roundtables, 'The Art of the Corporate Carve-Out' with insights from leading industry experts into today's carve-out landscape. This paper is a timely resource for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities and practicalities of carve-out situations.

In recent years, corporate carve-outs have witnessed a remarkable renaissance, catalysed by an array of stakeholder motivations. This resurgence follows a significant trend among numerous corporates post-Covid as they re-evaluate their portfolio strategies. Carve-outs involve the strategic separation of specific business units, divisions, or assets from a parent company to establish autonomous entities. This restructuring approach enables groups to focus on core operations, unlock value, and pursue new opportunities, fuelled by a growing appetite for such deals among private equity sponsors and lenders

Thanks to our expert table for your contribution:
Azeem Ahmed - AlixPartners
Dave Edwards - FRP Advisory
Chris Hawes - PwC Debt Advisory
Oliver Marshall - Sullivan Street Partners
Tristan Nagler - AURELIUS Investment Advisory
Sophie Pollitt - Lincoln International 

Download ‘THE ART OF THE CORPORATE CARVE-OUT’ for the latest insights from around the table.